Nirvana: My Top 10 Songs

Here’s a band that took some personal acclimation. I probably got into other grunge groups before I became a Nirvana fan, but over time, I’ve come to appreciate the distinctiveness of their short discography. They might be best known for Smells Like Teen Spirit, but they did so much more. Here are my favorite songs from the boys from Aberdeen.

*This list will be updated in the event of any future (including posthumous) releases.

Honorable mentions

About a Girl


Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle


Stay Away

Top 10

10. Drain You

9. Smells Like Teen Spirit

8. Lounge Act

7. Heart-Shaped Box

6. Breed

5. All Apologies

4. Scentless Apprentice

3. In Bloom

2. Something in the Way

1. Come as You Are

Favorite Song on Each Album

Bleach (1989): About a Girl

Nevermind (1991): Come as You Are

In Utero (1993): Scentless Apprentice

Albums Ranked

3. Bleach (1989)

2. In Utero (1993)

1. Nevermind (1991)